Sunday School 

9:45-10:45 A.M.

Child Care is provided during worship for infants through four years of age.

Children (Ages 4 years to 5th grade) meet in Room 105 to learn Bible stories through active learning.

Balaam’s Donkeys meets in the old Quilter’s Room. This class is one that is always seeking spirituality. A fun, loving group that welcomes anyone who might be at any point in their walk of life or faith. Teacher: One Another

Crusaders Class meets across from the kitchen. It is one of the vital small groups of our congregation. Each gathering begins with the group singing a hymn and praying together. Once a short business meeting is completed (which consists mostly of checking in on the group’s members), the remaining time is reserved for a Biblical Lesson. Teacher this month is Mark Read.

New Covenant Class meets across from the Fellowship Hall. This class is one of our fastest growing, and is currently studying “Paul: Apostle to All the Nations”. In addition to study and discussion, the group spends time in prayer and practicing spiritual disciplines together. Teacher: Grace Barber

Choir meets in the Sanctuary at 10:30 a.m. just before the service. The group provides an important ministry as they lead the congregation as we all sing to God during worship. If you enjoy singing to God, the group would be blessed by you sharing your gift of music.  Director: Lori McCommons