We utilize three components of Discipleship:

Part 1: Faithfulness  Part 2: Fellowship  Part 3: Leadership

  • Part one of discipleship is growing in our faithfulness to God. One way we do this is through our Sunday Worship where we gather and offer God our thanks and praise. While we are led by our pastor, choir, and elders, worship takes place on the stage of all our hearts. Come and express this holy privilege of giving God thanks!                                                              
  • Part two of disciples is being a part of the fellowship. Whether you join a small group, serve on a committee, join the choir or the handbells, or just come to the special events, we believe that fellowship is integral to the development of Discipleship. It allows for integrity, compassion, accountability, and spiritual growth as we travel together in community.                             
  • Part three of Discipleship is developing our leadership. Not everyone is called to every kind of leadership. But, as Disciples of Christ, we affirm the "Priesthood of All Believers." This means that, as a believer, you carry the gospel with you at all times. This pushes us to lead others as we develop our own gifts and abilities. Some will serve as Elders, some will serve as Deacons, some will serve as Board Members, and still others will serve as Cabinet Chairs. 


You might ask yourself-- how do I become a leader or how do I find opportunities to serve? Well, it all depends. 

We have four different outlets with which we have leadership at our church. All of which are elected by what we know as the Nominating Committee. Someone once asked, "How do I get elected to be an Elder?" The answer: Be an Elder, and the calling will follow. If you find that you want to lead in certain areas of the church, it's a great start to begin exemplifying the leadership you desire to serve. Then, in the early part of the year, the nominating committee gathers (selected by the previous year's nominating committee, along with 2 representatives from the Eldership and Deaconship) and prays, calls, and places the leadership of the church in place for the following Church Year. 


See below for more information on the different kinds of leadership at HCC. 


These are the folks that are the Spiritual Leaders of the Church. They do not make any business decisions but carry a significant weight for the spiritual life of the congregation. This group prays for a group of membership that falls under their care, which we call "flock." They visit those in the hospital, reach out to folks who have been sick, celebrate joys with those in their flock, and lead in worship at the Table.


These are the folks who are frequently seen "behind the scenes" of the Church. They are the Servant Leaders as Jesus taught us to be. They have a schedule to determine which will be taking care of set tasks for the month, but covers tasks such as: Preparing Communion each Sunday, Locking up the Building following Church Service, Preparing the Sanctuary, Serving Communion, Passing out the Offering, and being a visible presence of welcome to any visitors. 

Board Members

These are the folks who help make the difficult decisions to run the business side of the church. They oversee the financial planning of the church, governing through the by-laws of the Church, and help ensure the function of the church. 

Cabinet Chair

These are the folks who help carry out the Ministry of the Church. We have 6 Cabinet Chair positions: Property, Worship, Stewardship, Education, Fellowship, and Outreach. For more information on each of these ministries, check out our Ministries Tab at the top of this page.