Fellowship Ministry

Scripture tells us that we are to love one another. This means that we are to do more than just show up and say hello, but that we are to also be in community with one another, to have fellowship (See John 13:34). For this church year, July 2018-June 2019, co-Chairs, JoAnn Carlisle and Anne Price, will be serving as our leaders for the Ministry of Fellowship.

This ministry manages the fellowship of the church. One might think: "This is the group that plans parties!" But, rather, this group is the one that gets everyone together, helps determine who is bringing what, gets folks to help cleanup afterwards, gets people to get excited about the fellowship event, and helps plan fellowship events throughout the year. Whether it be the Annual Church Picnic or it be the Spring Fling, this group is always helping. 

In addition, this group also helps put folks together to provide for families when they deal with loss. When a family member dies, or when one is spending a significant amount of time in the hospital, this group helps ensure that they are well fed and taken care of during their difficult times of trial. 

This ministry is always looking for extra hands to help. Whether you are a chair mover, a great cook, or just like to help out, this is a ministry that could use you!