Highlands Christian Church has been "the church on the hill" in Lake Highlands for over 50 years. Serving a diverse and dynamic community, Highlands offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you will feel God's embrace and nurturing spirit.


"Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, our Savior, and our Lord.
The Bible is our ultimate authority and guide.
The Church is Christ’s Body on earth, and all Christians should uplift each other – Protestants and Catholics.
The Lord’s Supper should be offered weekly.
Baptism is for Believers and enacted by Immersion, although we affirm other forms of baptism.
All Baptized Believers are called to share in the ministries of Christ."

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M-Th 9p–2p


Sunday Schedule

9:30a Fellowship 15   (coffee time)

9:45a Sunday School         11:00a Worship